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LES CHANTS VIRTUELS is a special musical project gathering various Polish musical artists around the topic of lockdown and virtual connection. Tomasz Pauszek invited near 40 musicans and together they created this unique album.



Tomasz Pauszek – “Les Chants Virtuels 12” (with BTV)


“20 YEARS LIVE” – New concert album !!!

It`s already 31 full-length album in the artist’s career. The concert, jubilee and quite cosmic disc was played during the nationwide Planetarium concert tour. Józef Skrzek, Władysław Komendarek, Krzysztof Duda, Wojciech Konikiewicz, Krzysztof Horn, Pawbeats, Konrad Kucz, Janusz Grzywacz and Przemysław Rudź. Tracklist: 01. Electronic Invention 02. Four Elements: Air (feat. Józef Skrzek) 03. Zenithal […]

“B-SIDES” – Special project !!!

“B-SIDES” is a special, jubilee project, consisting of 20 online albums. The albums contain unreleased, bonus and remixes of the entire 20th anniversary and even older. I divided thematically and by genre, so everyone will find something for themselves.

“PANTA RHEI” – New Album !!!

The label Audio Anatomy have released a new album from Przemyslaw Rudz & Tomasz Pauszek, tilted “PANTA RHEI”.   PANTA RHEI is a common album by Przemyslaw Rudz and Tomasz Pauszek. It`s a poetic and intimate musical landscape of passing, movement, changes, matter and spirituality, physics and metaphysics, put in a minimalist four-part form.   […]

“Memories Of Lo-Fi” – New remix album

A new remix album with alternative versions of the tracks from “LO-FI LO-VE” album is out now !!! The album contains the highest quality remixes, live versions and alternative mixes of songs from the LO-FI LO-VE album, artistically prepared by such artists as: Edwin Jack, DJ Tintin of Norway, Władysław Komendarek, Piotr Lewandowski (BioComp) and […]

“Reportage” – another album for LEMONCAKE Music Library – out now !!!!

      Another album release for LEMONCAKE Music Library and distributed among others by Paris Music or APM Music. “Reportage” album was partially recorded with my musical friend and great composer – David Gale. „Reportage” album contains a contemporary, electro-based beds for news and current affairs. Created for the changing face of newsgathering in the […]

“LO-FI LO-VE” – New Album !!!!

  Vinyl             CD            LO-FI LO-VE is a first album signed as Tomasz Pauszek`s work. He says about it: „In general, the idea of the album is based around music from the chillout-illustrated border. This is a story about love for lo-fi sounds, for all kinds of cracks of vinyl, […]