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“Memories Of Lo-Fi” – New remix album

A new remix album with alternative versions of the tracks from “LO-FI LO-VE” album is out now !!!

The album contains the highest quality remixes, live versions and alternative mixes of songs from the LO-FI LO-VE album, artistically prepared by such artists as: Edwin Jack, DJ Tintin of Norway, Władysław Komendarek, Piotr Lewandowski (BioComp) and Grzegorz Bojanek !!! 

“Memories Of Lo-Fi” can be purchased in all major online stores and streaming 🙂

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“LO-FI LO-VE” – New Album !!!!


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LO-FI LO-VE is a first album signed as Tomasz Pauszek`s work.

He says about it:

„In general, the idea of the album is based around music from the chillout-illustrated border. This is a story about love for lo-fi sounds, for all kinds of cracks of vinyl, dirt, noise, brum, old instruments, synthesizers, mellotrons and this kind of sounds.

All the noise, crashes and dirt were used deliberately but indirectly, for example: they were incorporated into rhythmic and harmonic music as a complement to music. Sometimes these are rhythms woven from vinyl, other times the drums support the drum part, the strings of the brass, the noise of the motor, and the climate.

All these “impurities” are to give the spirit of old songs and nostalgia. To create this album, I also invited many great guests, who helped me with my talent and experience.”



01. Twilight Forest

02. Stranger (feat. Thibault Cohade)

03. Airy Monday (feat. Gushito) 

04. Grandma`s Radio (feat. Pawbeats)

05. Night At Riviera (feat. Meeting By Chance)

06. Lullaby In The Key Of Lo-Fi (feat. Dagiel)

07. Signals (feat. Konrad Kucz)

08. Cruises

09. Lucid Dreams (feat. Arkadiusz Reikowski)

10. Electronic Invention

11. France 1970 (feat. Meeting By Chance)

12. Space Ghosts (feat. Władysław Komendarek)

13. July In Amsterdam (feat. Grzegorz Bojanek)

14. Thunders (feat. ISAN)

15. Book Of Tesla (feat. Arkadiusz Reikowski)

16. Transition