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“20 YEARS LIVE” – New concert album !!!

It`s already 31 full-length album in the artist’s career. The concert, jubilee and quite cosmic disc was played during the nationwide Planetarium concert tour.

Józef Skrzek, Władysław Komendarek, Krzysztof Duda, Wojciech Konikiewicz, Krzysztof Horn, Pawbeats, Konrad Kucz, Janusz Grzywacz and Przemysław Rudź.


01. Electronic Invention

02. Four Elements: Air (feat. Józef Skrzek)

03. Zenithal

04. France 1970 (feat. Krzysztof Duda)

05. Grandma`s Radio (feat. Pawbeats)

06. Tranquillers (feat. Janusz Grzywacz & Krzysztof Horn)

07. Time & Deep (feat. Wojciech Konikiewicz)

08. Space Ghosts (feat. Władysław Komendarek)

09. Music For Subway 16

10. Panta Rhei 1 (feat. Przemysław Rudź)

11. Cruises

12. Future Memories

13. The Sentinel

14. Neurogenesis (feat. Józef Skrzek)

15. Signals (feat. Konrad Kucz & Przemysław Rudź)

“PANTA RHEI” – New Album !!!

The label Audio Anatomy have released a new album from Przemyslaw Rudz & Tomasz Pauszek, tilted “PANTA RHEI”.


PANTA RHEI is a common album by Przemyslaw Rudz and Tomasz Pauszek.

It`s a poetic and intimate musical landscape of passing, movement, changes, matter and spirituality, physics and metaphysics, put in a minimalist four-part form.



01. Panta Rhei – Part 1

02. Musings At The Hazy River – Part 1

03. Musings At The Hazy River – Part 2

04. Panta Rhei – Part 2

“Airy Monday” single on iTunes Podcast “Sun:Sets 107” by CHICANE

One of the most excellent and inspiring producers, CHICANE joined my single with Gushito “Airy Monday (Basic Forces Remix)” from “Lo-Fi Lo-Ve” album to his iTunes Podcast “Sun:Sets 107”.

Big THANK YOU Nick !!!


Listen to “Sun:Sets Vol. 107” Podcast


1. Jonsi & Alex – Daniell In the Sea
2. Saint Etienne – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
3. Monkey Safari – Cranes (Kolsch Remix)
4. Soundtrack Selection: Chosen by Matthew in Bath
Glass Candy – Warm In The Winter (From the BBC
Documentary Super Sized Earth)
5. Ernest Saint Laurant – Clumsy Lobster
6. CLMD feat. Alida – Night Train (Extended Mix)
7. Just us – Everytime it Rains (Carl Kennedy & Steven Lee
8. Luis Gonzalez – Ethereal
9. Pauszek & Gushito – Airy Monday (Basic Forces Remix)
10. Fon.Leman – It’s True [Intricate Records]
11. Grum – You’ll Know